Who Can Treewalk?

Who Can Treewalk? – Pretty much everyone!

To be able to treewalk, customers must have a reasonable level of fitness and all treewalkers must be able to walk unaided, including young children.  Children cannot be carried at any stage along the walk, either in front or back carriers, in an adult’s arms or on shoulders, but we do have two baby strollers available for infants (see here).  There is a maximum weight of 120 kg for any one individual.

The youngest we’ve had on the treewalk was 18-months old and the oldest was 97-years old…so what’s stopping you?!

Please also have a look at our Code of Conduct…

We want you to be safe!

  • Maximum of 8 people on bridges and living decks (platforms).
  • Please do not run, bounce or jump on the treewalk.
  • Children 12 and under must be supervised by a responsible person 16 years or older at all times.
  • Please do not carry infants and children (front and back carriers included, in arms or on shoulders).
  • Do not throw any items from the treewalk, this may injure forest users below.
  • Please do not touch the bark as this damages the tree.
  • No smoking.
  • No food or drink.
  • Please observe walking direction at all times.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • A reasonable standard of fitness is required for the treewalk.
  • The maximum weight for an individual walker is 120 kg.

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French (Français)
German (Deutsche)
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