– What is the Redwoods Treewalk?
Redwoods Treewalk is Rotorua’s newest Eco-Tourism attraction. Using ecologically friendly engineering, the Treewalk is suspended from 115-year-old majestic redwoods. Featuring a series of suspension bridges and living decks, elevated from 6-metres to 12-metres at its’ highest point. Designed for use without harnesses or protective gear, it is suitable for all ages. The only pre-requisite is that all users must be able to walk the entire 553-metres (please don’t carry children – either in front or back carriers, in an adult’s arms or on shoulders).


– What is the Redwoods Nightlights and when are they turned on at night?
At night, 30 David Trubridge designed lanterns and 40 colour spots and feature lights illuminate Redwoods Treewalk for a totally different and unique nocturnal experience. The night lights are turned on each night around dusk. For further information, visit the Redwoods Nightlights page and Prices + Hours page on our website.


– How long is the walk?
The Treewalk is 553-meters long.


– How many bridges in total?
There are 23 bridge sections connected to 22 living decks (platforms).


– How long does it take to walk?
Visitors can walk at their own pace and take their time to enjoy the unique views from the living decks, however, we do advise Treewalkers allow up to 30-minutes to complete the daytime treewalk and up to 45-minutes for the nighttime treewalk.


– Can everyone Treewalk?
To be able to treewalk, customers must have a reasonable level of fitness and all treewalkers must be able to walk unaided, including young children.  Children cannot be carried at any stage along the walk, either in front or back carriers, in an adult’s arms or on shoulders.  There is a maximum weight of 120 kg for any one individual.

The youngest we’ve had on the treewalk was 18-months old and the oldest was 97-years old…so what’s stopping you?!


– What are the opening hours?
Check out our Prices + Hours page for the most up-to-date opening hours or our facebook for last minute changes or notices. The only day we’re closed is Christmas Day (25th Dec).


– Is it open in the rain?
Yes, in fact, the forest ambience and colours are even more stunning in the wet weather, so the treewalk is a very good all weather activity. However, we will not operate the Treewalk in high winds or during thunder/lightning storms. Please note, that a sturdy pair of shoes with a solid tread/sole is advisable when visiting the treewalk during wetter conditions.


– Is there a map of the walk?
Yes, click here to download our Treewalk map.