• Offsetting our
    Carbon Footprint


Redwoods Treewalk is a committed kaitiaki of our site, the people we work with and our visitors.

We are dedicated to educating our manuhiri about the important role forests play in climate change. We went so far as to measure the amount of carbon the Treewalk is sequestering and made an interpretive panel to educate our visitors on the scale of the Climate change challenge (not everyone has 70 mature redwoods to sequest carbon!).

This was done in collaboration with Kaingaroa Timberlands who had a reference plot with over 10 years of measurements in the stand of redwoods where we are located. The 70 trees which Redwood Treewalk’s platforms, nightlights and Altitude experience are attached to sequester approximately 7.9 tonnes of carbon each year. This is equivalent to Treewalk’s vehicle emissions (7.5 tonnes).

From our inception we have strived to minimise our environmental footprint. This is reflected in the construction techniques used to build the Treewalk (renewable, durable materials such as the macrocarpa timber that our platforms are constructed of and the innovative timber material our David Trubridge night lights are made from.

Our procurement policies have always considered each product or service’s environmental footprint as part of the decision-making process. For example, we chose Trustpower as our energy supplier as a local and renewable electricity company (mostly hydro), our night lights are all LED lights (long lasting and low consumption). As a result our total electricity consumption is only 8448kw/h (less than a typical family home). To improve this result is very difficult because of our intentional low base.

Fuel use for our single Treewalk vehicle is improving as we upgraded our vehicle from the previous model. This reduced our fuel consumption from 8.4L per hundred kilometres to 7.4L per hundred kilometers.

Our carbon footprint per visitor is only 72 grams per visitor! (14,340kgs carbon / 200,000 visitors = 71.7 grams per person).

Why not look at your own carbon footprint here and find alternatives to many everyday activities!

Ekos had a range of options to offset our emissions with projects both in New Zealand and internationally. Our preference was to support the Babatana Rainforest Conservation Project in the Solomon Islands. This project is verified and certified to the Plan Vivo Standard. We chose this project because it supports the protection of indigenous biodiversity, provides an income for the local community, and has a connection to our forest via the koekoea / long tailed cuckoo.

The koekoea is a native migratory bird that spends its summer in New Zealand and then migrates to the Solomon Islands in winter. If we fail to help protect this bird’s habitat in our pacific neighbours’ country, this taonga will be lost from New Zealand too.


Summer is here at Treewalk! ☀️ 
Our wait times *every night* will be significant - so follow our #protips for nighttime -

📌 Pre purchase Fast Pass tickets (online only) - booked date & time for entry, departures every 20 mins for the first 2 hours after sunset

📌 For General Admission tickets (online & onsite) - we recommend families arrive early and adults arrive later in the night closer to our last entry time to avoid the peak (middle of the evening)

See you in the forest 🌟
POV: You’re our maintenance team and heights don’t scare you! 🫣
Opening hours update! 🌿

As of this Friday (24 Nov 2023) we are extending our hours -

9AM - 11PM (Mon - Fri, Sun)
9AM - 11.30PM (Sat)
^ last tix sold times

⭐ Please be aware - we have been VERY busy at night ⭐

We strongly recommend getting a Fast Pass 🎟️ but if you miss out, here are some tips - 

We recommend young families arrive earlier in the night before Nightlights begin 👪
and couples and adults arrive later in the night, closer to the last ticket sold time 💑
A fun little time lapse 🤩
A different way to see the forest ✨
“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.” 
 - Katrina Mayer 🌿
Hope everyone had a safe and sunny Labour Weekend ☀️🌿🌸
Did you know that New Zealand has 200 species of ferns? 🌿

They range from 10 metres high to tiny ferns only 20mm long! 

About 40% of these species occur nowhere else in the world 🌎
  • Did the new Redwoods Altitude experience! Absolutely amazing! Enjoyable! Safe! Adventurous! Sam (our guide) was an wealth of insight, experience & fun! A must do!!!

    Rotorua, New Zealand  
  • Coolest place ever! We went at dusk so did half of the walk in the day time and the other half in the semi dark when all the night lights were on! Was such a beautiful walk and loved every moment! The staff were super informative and nice. I will definitely be back in the future!

    Whangarei, New Zealand  
  • What an asset to Rotorua. The beauty and peaceful feeling when walking around the heights was beautiful. Thank you to our guide Izumi

    The Fullers
    Tirau, New Zealand  
  • The Redwood Forest is just stunning... The lights are just incredible and it is such a beautiful thing to be walking so high in the trees. We also went back the next day and walked around the forest - still gorgeous. Would definitely recommend.

    Hamilton, New Zealand  
  • This is a highlight in Rotorua. Super friendly and helpful staff. Amazing walk high through the trees. Take the high road if you dare! It's worth it.

    Auckland, New Zealand  
  • The Redwoods Altitude tree walk is beyond amazing! It was the highlight of our tiki tour of the North Island, and if you’re a wee bit terrified of heights, it was life changing. We felt so safe while being challenged well beyond our comfort zones. The guides are great, very encouraging.

    Auckland, New Zealand  
  • "perfection" This experience was a true 10/10 for us. The perspective and views it offers of the grove are spectacular and unique. The actual bridge crossings and zip-lining very quickly went from potential impediments to accentuating the experience. Our guides, Jordan and Nicole, were the absolute best. If you were on the fence, go for this one. It's incredibly clear that the altitude team is there to make sure your experience will be like ours -- spectacularly unforgettable.

    Pennsylvania, USA