• The Forest

History of Whakarewarewa Forest

Sitting in Whakarewarewa Forest, one of the oldest exotic forests in New Zealand, the area where the Treewalk now calls home was originally planted in the early 1900’s. Of the 170 different species planted, only a handful remain today – including the 6-ha stand of Californian Redwoods. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the forest was opened to the public for recreation, and since then it has become the soul of the city attracting more than 600, 000 visitors a year.

You can find more information about the general forest and surrounds here.


High Walkway Expansion

Since opening in late 2015, Redwoods Treewalk has become a world-renowned experience and established itself as a must-do Rotorua attraction. It has continued to innovate, with the introduction of the Nightlights walk in December 2016, and the 20 metres high viewing platform built in 2017 – giving visitors the opportunity to get up even higher and the chance to stand on one of two glass viewing panels and see the forest floor below.

Giant Redwood Ring

Come face to face with a piece of world history. Over 2,000 years old and 3.5 metres wide, the giant redwood ring is a log section from a massive American sequoia tree on display at Redwoods Treewalk.

View its lifespan and fascinating past as the passing of time and historical milestones on this earth is beautifully showcased across selected growth rings and the generations it has survived.

As you look right into the heartwood of its trunk, its ancient pith and the growth rings that illustrate the seasons it has endured, it is inevitable to gain an incredible sense of humility and responsibility to preserve and protect these gentle giants amongst us.

Redwoods Nightlights

The Nightlights David Trubridge

The lanterns and entry ramp you will see on the Nightlights Treewalk are designed by world-renowned designer and sustainability champion, David Trubridge.

David is an avid environmentalist and his wooden sculptural lights reflect the patterns and rhythms of nature. The wood is left naturally unfinished and the designs use only the minimum amount of materials. The design, sustainability and innovation elements form an inherent part of the experience.

One of the Nightlights, Titi, won a gold award in 2017 at the New Zealand premiere design awards, The Best Awards. Following that, the Horoeka lantern was a 2023 Timber Design Awards winner.

Enjoy the amazing light display with numerous unique lanterns lighting up the forest and ferns.

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Local Forest Walks & Tracks

Relax and spend some time wandering along the easy walking tracks in the Redwoods Forest.

Ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, the Redwood Memorial Grove and Waitawa tracks offer a breathtaking experience.

Ground walks are free, but require a reasonable level of fitness and suitable footwear.

Nearby Lakes

Take a quick car trip to view our picturesque lakes. Only minutes from Redwoods Treewalk are some of the most beautiful lakes in the region.

Just a 10 minute drive from the Redwoods Forest you’ll find the Blue and Green lakes – Lake Tikitapu and Lake Rotokakahi. Walk around the edge of Lake Tikitapu enjoying native bush and the stunning lake itself.

Five minutes further down the road is the beautiful Lake Tarawera. A water taxi can take you to Hot Water Beach for a warm dip! A perfect way to wind down after the Redwoods Treewalk.


Visiting Treewalk over the school holidays? Read our pro tips below ↓

We expect to be VERY BUSY - especially at nighttime with significant wait times exceeding 1 hour.

✽ Fast Pass tickets (online only) are recommended and are selling out quick

✽ General Admission tickets are always available online or on site. For General Admission tickets, please arrive later in the evening towards our last entry time

9 AM - 10 PM (Mon - Fri, Sun)
9 AM - 10.30 PM (Sat)
^ last entry times
We’re loving these crisp Autumn mornings 🍂

If you’re visiting us for Nightlights, it can be a little chilly in the forest, so make sure you wrap up warm ✨
Kia Ora, Easter is only a few days away! 🐥 🐰

We'll be OPEN all weekend, but please be aware it will be *VERY BUSY* at nighttime with significant wait times exceeding 1-hour.

Fast Pass tickets are sold out, but keep an eye out for any last minute changes or cancellations.

General Admission tickets are always available online or on site. For General Admission tickets, please arrive later in the evening towards our last entry time.

9 AM - 11 PM (Mon-Fri, Sun)
9 AM - 11.30 PM (Sat)
^ last entry times
Feel the peace and serenity of the Redwoods 🌲

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Kia Ora, Easter is only a few weeks away! 🐥 🐰

We'll be OPEN all weekend, but please be aware it will be VERY BUSY at nighttime with significant wait times exceeding 1-hour.

Book a Fast Pass ticket in advance or for General Admission tickets, please arrive later in the evening towards our last entry time.

9 AM - 11 PM (Mon-Fri, Sun)
9 AM - 11.30 PM (Sat)

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Those moody forest mornings! Many more to come as winter approaches 😍🥶
On the 29 February we shone bright and orange for #rarediseaseday 🧡

It’s not rare to have a rare disorder. In Aotearoa, more than 300,000 people live with one of over 7,000 rare disorders - and more than half of those affected are children. 

Living with a condition that not many other have or know about can feel isolating, so we shone brightly to show our support and aroha for the rare disease community 🧡🧡🧡 #glowupshowup #rarediseasemonth
Visiting at night? 🌙 

We continue to be busy with wait times up to 1 hour each evening, so we recommend -

💡 Booking a Fast Pass in advance of your visit for a specific date and time (online only)

💡 Arriving after 10 PM for General Admission entry. The last ticket sold time onsite is 11.30 PM (Mon-Fri, Sun) and 12.30 AM (half past midnight) (Sat)

Enjoy the walk ❤️
Colours in the forest 🌿
Those early mornings on Treewalk.. 😍
  • Did the new Redwoods Altitude experience! Absolutely amazing! Enjoyable! Safe! Adventurous! Sam (our guide) was an wealth of insight, experience & fun! A must do!!!

    Rotorua, New Zealand  
  • Coolest place ever! We went at dusk so did half of the walk in the day time and the other half in the semi dark when all the night lights were on! Was such a beautiful walk and loved every moment! The staff were super informative and nice. I will definitely be back in the future!

    Whangarei, New Zealand  
  • What an asset to Rotorua. The beauty and peaceful feeling when walking around the heights was beautiful. Thank you to our guide Izumi

    The Fullers
    Tirau, New Zealand  
  • The Redwood Forest is just stunning... The lights are just incredible and it is such a beautiful thing to be walking so high in the trees. We also went back the next day and walked around the forest - still gorgeous. Would definitely recommend.

    Hamilton, New Zealand  
  • This is a highlight in Rotorua. Super friendly and helpful staff. Amazing walk high through the trees. Take the high road if you dare! It's worth it.

    Auckland, New Zealand  
  • The Redwoods Altitude tree walk is beyond amazing! It was the highlight of our tiki tour of the North Island, and if you’re a wee bit terrified of heights, it was life changing. We felt so safe while being challenged well beyond our comfort zones. The guides are great, very encouraging.

    Auckland, New Zealand  
  • "perfection" This experience was a true 10/10 for us. The perspective and views it offers of the grove are spectacular and unique. The actual bridge crossings and zip-lining very quickly went from potential impediments to accentuating the experience. Our guides, Jordan and Nicole, were the absolute best. If you were on the fence, go for this one. It's incredibly clear that the altitude team is there to make sure your experience will be like ours -- spectacularly unforgettable.

    Pennsylvania, USA