Redwoods Treewalk

Rotorua Must Do




Walk high amongst Rotorua’s gentle giants, day or night!

The Redwoods Treewalk is a 553-m walkway that consists of a series of 23 suspension bridges traversing the gaps between 22 majestic 115-year-old Redwood trees.

The bridge sections gradually incline from 6-m in height to a stunning 12-m at its peak.

In addition to the day-time treewalk, Redwoods Treewalk and David Trubridge Design have partnered to create an iconic nocturnal tourism experience: the Redwoods Nightlights.

Feel the spirit of Rotorua’s iconic Redwood Forest from above and up close amongst these old gentle giants.

This suspended 30-minute ecological walk provides a unique bird’s eye perspective of the forest, capturing its picturesque beauty and ambience which is even more stunning in wet weather.

A must do experience when visiting Rotorua:

  • Experience, explore and learn about the history of the land, the people and the 115-year-old Redwood forest.
  • Easy access, no training required.
  • Unique nature experience for young and old (must be able to walk unaided).

Enjoy at your own pace with no safety harness or training required (as long as you can walk unaided) and appreciate the spirit of this peaceful forest. Leave feeling inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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